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What you should know

Would you like to have the comfort of knowing your pet will be healthy and happy in a loving home if anything were to happen to you?  So would we....that's why Perpetual Care's mission is to help pet owners with estate plans that include their pets.

A growing number of people live alone with only their pets for companionship and when they pass away or have to go into a medical facility, there is no one to care for their pets. Even families with pets can find themselves without someone to care for their pets, especially when their children have their own pets and children.  When people have no one to care for their pets, they end up in a shelter.


Every day family pets are taken to shelters because their owner passed away or went into assisted living and shelters are overwhelmed with the number of animals and limited space.  Our goal is to keep family pets from ending up in shelters or worse..... Perpetual Care can help you trust that your pets will be happy, healthy and loved if they are left behind without you. 

If something happened to you, is this what would happen to your beloved pet? 

You might be surprised at how likely it is that your pet would end up in a shelter, and the likelihood that they would not make it out alive! 

                                                                  Read some of our real life below


Our pets trust us to love them and care for them. We honor that trust by having plans in place to care for them in case we are no longer able to do so. 

-Virginia Kilmer

CEO/Founder, Perpetual Care

CFC #90373 


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