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Every day pets lose their guardian due to death or disability, and every day thousands of pets are taken to shelters by family members.  Over 50% of those pets will be killed. 

We are working to educate pet owners about the importance of setting up a documented pet trust for their pets to ensure they do not get taken to a shelter, but we know there are many people who will not set up a pet trust for their pets.  Only 66% of people have a will or living trust and many people do not know about or understand pet trusts.  

We have set up a pet sponsorship fund to help those pets who lose their guardian and do not have a pet trust agreement in place for their care.  When a shelter contacts us about an orphaned pet brought into the shelter, if we have funds to sponsor a pet, we rescue them from the shelter and use the funds to provide veterinary care and find them a new home.  If we do not have funds, we still work with the shelter to find them a home by posting them for adoption and fostering them if they are at risk.

Please consider making a donation to sponsor a pet.

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