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 Download A Pet Life Care Agreement Template or

A Pet Life Care Trust Agreement Template 

Pet Life Care Agreement

A simple agreement to document who you want your pet to go to in the event of death or disability.  It can include funds or not. It should be notarized and we recommend having it reviewed by your lawyer.

A Pet Life Care Trust Agreement creates a legal trust that documents who you want your pet to go to in the event of death or disability.  A trust does not have to include trust funds, but it usually does include trust funds that are managed by a trustee.  This document should be reviewed by a lawyer in your state and incorporated into your living will.

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Pet Life Care FAQ's

Why should I even think about my pet outliving me?

  • Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year.  On average there are 3,287 deaths per day. (

  • An average of 6,775 people die in the U.S. each day. (United Nations)

  • A growing population of  people are entering nursing care facilities.

  • Every day pets are taken to animal shelters because their owner has either become disabled and/or entered a nursing care facility or died. 

  • Every day, an average of 50% or more of all pets in shelters are euthanized.


How does this affect my Pets?

We may think of pets as family members, but the law sees pets as property. 

The best way to protect your pet is with a legal document designating your pets to another person or an organization to care for them.  These are called Pet Life Care Agreements.


What does a Pet Life Care Agreement do?

A Pet Life Care Agreement is a document that identifies who will care for your pets in the event of an accident, illness, disability or death.  It is a contractual agreement between  you and someone who agrees to care for your pet(s) and it is legally binding.


Why do I need to set up a life care agreement for my pets?

  • If your pets are left without anyone to care for them, you are leaving it up to chance that someone will adopt and care for them. 

  • Well intentioned family members may agree to take your pets, but when it comes down to it, they find they can’t do it for many reasons, such as allergies, finances, or compatibility with other pets.

  • If a family member steps up to take your pets will it be the one you wanted to take care of them? Wouldn’t you want to be sure who takes them?

  • If no one steps forward, your pets will most likely be taken to your local shelter. 

  • Once your pets are taken to a shelter you don’t know who will adopt them, or if they may even be euthanized

My family says they will take care of my pets, so why would I need a Pet  Life Care Agreement?

  • A Pet Life Care Agreement ensures that your family understands and accepts the commitment they are making

  • Without something documented, more than one family member may think they should take your pets and misunderstandings may arise.

  • A pet life care agreement gives you the comfort that things are in place to give your pets the loving care they deserve.


I have a will that includes my pets.  Why do I need to set up a Pet Life Care  Agreement?

  • Wills take effect at the time of death, but Life Care Agreements take effect immediately and cover many more circumstances that may occur while you are living.

  • For instance, what happens to your pets during a prolonged illness or if you go into a nursing care facility, or otherwise become unable to care for them?

  • Also, wills may take a long time to probate.  What will happen to your pet during the probate period? 

  • Life Care Agreements can provide specific instructions about how you want someone to care for your pets.


What are the steps for setting up a Pet Life Care Agreement?

1. Identify a person willing to fulfill the role as caregiver and preferably identify a secondary caregiver as a backup.

2. Use the Pet Life Care Agreement on our website as a template and insert your own information or other changes as desired.

3. You may also want to have it reviewed by your lawyer since state laws will vary.


4. Sign the agreement and obtain signatures of your caregivers.


5. File the agreement along with your other important documents at home and give a copy to both caregivers and anyone else who would be making decisions for you in time of need.

Who should I notify about my Life Care Agreement?

  • Provide a copy of all of the documents, photos and microchip information to your designated caregivers so that they may claim your pets if necessary.

  • Perpetual Care offers a Pet Life Care Registry to track Life Care Agreements  with anyone. Register your pet life care agreement with us online so that your family and government agencies can verify ownership.

  • Make sure your family and friends know you have a Life Care Agreement in Place and where your important records are kept.

How Perpetual Care can help you

  • Providing emergency alert cards for your wallet or key chain

  • Working with you to assess life care options for you and your pets

  • Providing a Life Care Agreement Template to use when setting up a Pet Life Care Agreement with us or with anyone.

  • Rescuing and Re-homing pets who lose their owners due to an accident, illness, disability or death

  • Providing a resource listing of lawyers who have experience with Pet Life Care Agreements and Pet Trust Funds

  • Creating a Pet Life Care Agreement or Pet Trust to leave your pets with Perpetual Care

  • Providing for the Life Care of Survivor Pets

  • Maintaining your Pet Life Care Agreement or Pet Trust in our National Registry

Because Every Pet Deserves a Loving Home




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