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This Registry is for pets who are enrolled with Perpetual Care for protection and care in the event of an emergency, illness or death of their owner(s).  Our pet registry is also used for any pet that has an estate plan registered with Perpetual Care even if the pet's designated caregiver is not Perpetual Care.  Anyone may use this page to contact Perpetual Care to verify if a pet is enrolled with us and to assist us with helping the pet(s).


If the pet's owner is no longer able to care for their pets and they are enrolled with us, we will arrange to bring their pets to Perpetual Care and ensure they are given good care.

Please complete the search information below and we will respond to you. Please note that information will only be released if the pet microchip # can be provided or sufficient justification is provided that the information is required to assist a pet in need of help.

Pet Search Information





Thank you for your Inquiry

We will contact you as soon as possible

If it is an emergency, please call us at

(888) 355-7091

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