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Perpetual Care Life Care Services

File of Life Packets

Includes 2 file of life packets and a decal.  The decal goes on your entrance door or window.  This tells emergency responders that you have a file of life packet in your home so they know to look for it.  The large packet has the card for your information including emergency contacts, your physician, medications and medical conditions.  We also include an emergency alert card for your pets.  This allows you to have 2 people listed who can come and care for your pets as well as your pet information.  The smaller packet has the same information and the pet emergency alert card in a size that you can carry with you when you are traveling.   Fee: Free Service

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Emergency Alert Wallet Cards

Perpetual Care provides emergency alert cards that can be carried in your wallet.  These cards identify your pets and the people who have your permission to go into your home or pick up you pets and care for them in case of an emergency.  Fee: Free Service

Pet Life Care Certificate

A fun way to document your pet life care plan is to create a certificate and insert it into an 8 1/2 x 11 photo frame and give it to your caregivers as a gift.  This certificate template is a simple Word document that you can use to add your own personal information and the information of your primary and secondary caregivers. Download it now and use it to print your own pet life care certificates.


Perpetual Care offers free brochures about estate planning for pets for individuals or for organizations.  We hope that shelters and rescue groups will hand them out to anyone who adopts a pet so that from the first day of adopting a pet, people will plan for the care of their pet in an emergency or in case they can no longer care for their pet.  If you would like a copy, we provide a free pdf version of the brochure and if your organization would like copies to distribute, we will mail you copies that you can include in your adoption packet or hand out to the public at events.


Life Care Pet Agreement Template

If you would like to document a simple agreement between you and your designated caregiver for your pets, the Life Care Pet Agreement is a simple document between you and your caregiver(s) which can be notarized become effective immediately.  The template is free and will be sent to you  upon request.

Life Care Pet Trust Template

A pet trust template is provided for you to use when you would like to set up a pet trust in your living trust.  We encourage you to use the document to modify for your pets and have it reviewed by your lawyer for compliance with your state requirements. 

Perpetual Care Life Care Agreement

If you do not have someone you trust to care for your pets in the event you can no longer care for them due to death or disability, we are happy to talk with you about setting up an agreement with us at Perpetual Care for the life care of your pets.  Please see  our service fees by clicking on the button below.

Rescue and Rehoming Pets

Emergency Planning for Pets

Quality of Life Chart

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