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About Perpetual Care

Perpetual Care Life Care Center

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The Perpetual Care life care center is set up in a home environment for all of our residents and rescues.  Our pets are comfortable and happy and they enjoy outdoor activities as well as the comfort of a home indoors.

All of our residents live together like a family, but if for some reason they are not able to be socialized with our current residents, we rely on extended home care and foster care to provide them with a home environment. 

As we continue to grow, our goal is to expand our facilities to every state with the same standard of a home-based environment. Whenever possible our first priority is to find a loving home for all of our animals, because afterall, that's what is best for them, however, when that is not possible, we want them to have a loving home with Perpetual Care.

We welcome visitors so that you can see our pets and see what a happy environment they have for the rest of their lives, but prefer that you schedule your visits to make sure we are available to show you around.

Our vision is to develop and grow our life care centers beyond a single home-based farm in Florida in order to provide the opportunity for survivor pets everywhere to have a safety net.  Our hope is that this would serve as a model to promote the development of at least one life care center in every state. This is detailed further in our Strategic Plan which is available upon request.

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