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Better Life Care Options for Pet Owners,

Better Lives for Orphaned Pets

Vet Petting a Horse


Our mission is to give pet owners the comfort of knowing their pets will be cared for and loved when the owner passes away, because every pet owner deserves the peace of mind and every pet deserves a loving home.


Our vision is for a time when all pet owners have a documented estate plan for the care of their pets, and all pets go to a loving home when their owner can no longer care for them, or they have a home with Perpetual Care.

Hugging Birman Cat
Dog Lover


  1. RESPECT FOR LIFE:  All pets’ lives have value and they deserve to live a life free from fear and cruelty.

  2. FAMILY:  Our pets are members of the family.

  3. KINDNESS: Kindness to people as well as animals.

  4. HUMANITY:  Humanity to animals makes for a kinder world living in peace and harmony with all God’s creatures around them.

  5. COLLABORATION:  We serve animals and our communities better when we collaborate with other agencies and organizations.

  6. SERVICE:  Alleviate the burden on animal shelters by reducing their intake of pets.

  7. INTEGRITY:  To ensure that funds donated to Perpetual Care are used first and foremost to benefit pets and people who have pets.

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