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Enroll Your Pet(s) with Perpetual Care

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What does it mean to enroll your pet(s) with Perpetual Care?  It means that you register your pets for our Life Care Services and that means that you have the comfort of knowing that if anything should happen to you, your pet(s) will be taken care of by Perpetual Care.  Perpetual Care will find a loving home for your pet(s) and monitor their care and if they aren't adopted, they will have a loving home here at the Perpetual Care Life Care Center.

What is required for enrollment?  The following documents are required for enrollment:

1.  The Guardian (Pet Owner) Form

2.  A completed Pet Enrollment Form for each pet

3.  A copy of your Will, Trust, or other Document to verify that you have reserved and designated funds to provide for the care of your pet(s)

The forms are below for your to download and there is a link for you to send all your documents to us via email or you can mail them to us.

Enrollment Forms


Guardian Form

The Guardian Form is for your information as the pet owner. 

It is important to keep your information current so please remember to update us if anything changes.


Submit your Documents

Please email us your completed and signed forms as well as your funding document.


What you will receive when you Enroll with Perpetual Care

When you enroll your pets with Perpetual Care, you will receive the following:

1. A framed certificate of protection and notification information to tell people to contact us.

2.  Dog Tags with a QR code to register your pets.

3.  A key chain tag for you as the pet owner.

4.  File of Life Packets for you and another guardian.

5.  Our business cards to use and share with others.


Pet Enrollment Form

The Pet Enrollment form is for information about your pet.  Remember that this is your time to tell us everything about your pet(s) to ensure that we give them the same loving care that you do.


Fee Schedule

The fee schedule lists our services including the minimum funding requirement for each pet. The funds go with your pet so if they are adopted, they still have your support and we monitor their care before releasing funds each year.


Need Help? 

If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at

(888) 355-7091

Our pets depend on us to have a plan for them in case we are no longer around to care for them.  Perpetual Care helps you enjoy the comfort of knowing you have a great plan for your beloved pets.

Virginia Kilmer

Founder, Perpetual Care

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